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This blog explores the idea that Joseph Smith's creativity, 19th century context, and experience are the primary contributors to the content of his revelations. I also argue that Joseph's visionary experiences and what he took away from them are reflected in his revealed translations, including the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith Translation, etc., which gives them significant religious value, even if they are not historically accurate narratives or accounts.

Secular but Open-Minded Approach to Revelation
Joseph's visions, revelations, etc. can be seen as sincere experiences, similar to the many documented and studied near-death experiences, visionary traditions found in different religions, and other widely recognized revelation-like experiences. Like the academic community, I recognize the human brain's ability to create these experience without supernatural assistance. However, I do keep an open mind and recognize that occasionally the content, significance, or sometimes shared nature of these experiences, though anecdotal, is less explainable. I also recognize the substantial change that these experiences elicit in those who have them.